WDC brochure compares key costs / risks

Posted: 22/04/15

Whangarei District Council have released an online version of their ‘Referendum on use of the Old Harbour Board Building’ brochure, comparing the three referendum options.

Deloitte reports released to public

Posted: 14/04/15

The Deloitte feasibility studies on the Hundertwasser and Harbourside projects, commissioned by the Whangarei District Council, have been released to the public today.

Battle Lines, in the NZ Listener

Posted: 30/03/15

What do John Key and Winston Peters think of Whangarei’s Hundertwasser project? Read Sally Blundell’s Hundertwasser story in the NZ Listener.

Updated: Who can vote?

Posted: 26/02/15

The Whangarei District Council is holding a referendum to decide the fate of the former Harbour Board building in the Town Basin. So who will be eligible to vote?

Referendum details confirmed

Posted: 25/02/15

Councillors voted today to adopt the WDC recommendations for the format of the upcoming referendum that will decide the fate of the old Harbour Board building in Whangarei’s Town Basin.

Council meets to decide referendum

Posted: 23/02/15

PNT firmly believes that the referendum must now proceed as per the WDC recommendations and that any attempt by any Councillors to change the details of the recommendation could be seen as an attempt to subvert the proper public process.