WDC brochure compares key costs / risks

Posted: 22/04/15

Whangarei District Council have released an online version of their 'Referendum on use of the Old Harbour Board Building' brochure, comparing the three referendum options.

The brochure will form part of the Information Pack posted to all eligible referendum voters (along with voting papers) mid May. It gives brief details on both the Harbourside (Option A) and Huundertwasser (Option B) projects and a pictorial representation of the Demolition (Option C) outcome.

Comparison of Key Costs and Risks, from the WDC Referendum Brochure

Comparison of Key Costs and Risks, from the WDC Referendum Brochure

Of most interest is the 3-column Comparison of Key Costs and Risks page, comparing Harbourside and Hundertwasser side-by-side for capital input, consenting, ownership, operations and risks.

The comparison overwhelmingly favours Hundertwasser as the most economically achievable, sustainable and profitable option. Hundertwasser requires $2.8m WDC input (against Harboursides $2.5m) but will operate at an annual suplus of $520,000 (against an annual loss of $420,000 for Harbourside).

While Harbourside will cost less to operate annually, that entire cost will rest on the owners and operators, Whangarei District Council. Hundertwasser will cost approximately $350,000 to run annually, those costs are well covered by earnings.

All figures are shown as estimates only, citing the Deloitte feasibility reports and the Klu’dup examination of capital costs report. The brochure acknowledges the Nexus peer review commentary, which questions the Deloitte visitor estimate methodology and calls for a more extensive marketing strategy before either project proceeds.

You can view the entire brochure online on the WDC website here. You can visit the WDC webpage on the Referendum (which includes links to the proposals and reports in full) here.