Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery model

You made it happen!

Thanks to your koha and support the building is nearly finished!

The Wairau Māori Art Gallery

Maori Art

The Wairau Māori Art Gallery will be the world’s first gallery dedicated solely to Contemporary Māori Art. It is the most exciting project for the permanent promotion of Contemporary Māori Art in our history. Māori artists in mid to late careers who have achieved national and international recognition will exhibit in this ground breaking venue.

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Latest News

  • This project will contribute greatly to building recognition for Te Tai Tokerau as a region of history and culture along with great artistic skill and quality.

    - Taipari Munro, Tangata Whenua advisor to Hundertwasser Art Centre (Te Uriroroi, Te Parawhau, Ngati Taka, Ngati Wai, Ngati Korora, Te Waiariki, Ngati Pukenga, Ngati Te Tawera)
  • We eat live and breathe tourism here. What better way to add to our economy than with a huge catalyst project like this. Plus the idea of upcycling is too cool right now to throw away.

    - Sonya Seutter, Trends analyst, Whangarei ratepayer
  • Hundertwasser has left us an international taonga...

    - Christine Bertram, Whangarei Ratepayer
  • Hundertwasser had a strong affinity and empathy with the Maori way of life. This project will bring an iconic work of architecture to Whangarei which will be a magnet for cultural tourists

    - Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki (Ngapuhi/Te Aupouri/Ngati Kuri)
  • This project is the best thing that could happen to artists and the people of Whangarei

    - Shane Cotton ONZM
  • Lucky cities get given great gifts - dumb ones turn them down.

    - Hamish Keith, ‘Cultural curmudgeon’
  • This will be the very building that will define Whangarei in the future. We will be known throughout New Zealand and the world for being bold and innovative. Hundertwasser was all about recycling, renewing and making things come alive. This building will do all these things for our fair city!

    - Morris Cutforth, retired ex-Mayor & Whangarei ratepayer
  • The Māori Art Gallery will provide a global platform for our local artists, right at the gateway to Northland.

    - Lisa Reihana (Ngapuhi, Ngati Hine, Ngai Tu)
  • I will come from Wellington to visit the new gallery, and I will make sure my overseas guests and relations have it on their itineraries.

    - Jenny Clark, Hundertwasser & Maori Arts supporter
  • A Māori Art Gallery within the Hundertwasser Arts Centre is visionary and timely.

    - Ngahiraka Mason, Māori Art Gallery advisor, (Ngai Tuhoe, Te Arawa, Ngati Pango)
  • Along with my admiration for Hundertwasser as an artist and architect, I have a deep respect for his ecological commitment to the preservation and restoration of our planet's natural habitats

    - Manos Nathan (Te Roroa, Ngati Whatua, Ngapuhi)
  • This will be a fantastic way to revitalise our region and inject some much needed life!

    - Tilisa Taungapeau, proud Whangarei local
  • I know Ngapuhi will see the Hundertwasser Art Centre as bringing mana of the highest standing to Northland. This Centre, and the proposed Māori Art and Culture Museum, will enhance what is already being made into a beautifully landscaped, scenic part of Whangarei.

    - Dr Patu Hohepa (Ngpuhi, Te Mahurehure)
  • This outstanding initiative will be a means of promoting Māori artists and advocating for high quality Māori art and expressions of culture. It will build a positive profile for all Māori, serving across all hapu and iwi, and will form an invaluable global link with other indigenous communities. We are pleased to offer our support for this project.

    - Elizabeth Ellis CNZM, JP (Ngpuhi, Ngti Porou)
  • By ensuring that there is a place within this project for Māori, he has taken this respect beyond mere lip service, thus guaranteeing and safeguarding Māori status as tangata whenua.

    - Allen Wihongi (Ngapuhi, Te Uri o Hua)
  • We have beautiful beaches, beautiful gardens, beautiful walking tracks, beautiful scenery, BUT SO DOES MOST OF NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!! Lets have a BEAUTIFUL difference. JUST do it!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Des Wallace, Whangarei ratepayer