In The News

Posted: 22/07/15

Links to recent media reports on the Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre.

Whangarei says YES!

A clear win for Hundertwasser

Posted: 05/06/15

Interim results just released confirm Whangarei voted Option B in a landslide result for the Hundertwasser and Wairau Maori Art Centre project.

Fledgling Whangarei industry needs Hundertwasser vibrancy

Posted: 03/06/15

A key player in Whangarei’s tech sector has outlined the case for the Hundertwasser art centre, from a technology and design viewpoint. On his Mashmatix blog, Nick Williamson says Whangarei needs to embrace technology to keep up with the world, and to attract and keep people with digital and design skills.