Final numbers increase win

Posted: 08/06/15

Final referendum results confirm landslide win for the Hundertwasser and Wairau Maori Art Centre.

The additional votes came from the Special Votes received on Friday. The final figures are:

Option B: HWMAC – 14,256 (51.01%)
Option C: Demolition – 8,080 (28.91%)
Option A: Harbourside – 5,609 (20.07%)

Total number or eligible votes counted: 27,945

The HWMAC received over 6,000 more votes than the closest other option and more votes than the other two options combined. The First Past The Post election meant the winner was the single option with the highest number of votes.

The combination of being both the winning option and having an overall majority mandate, means the project can enter the fundraising phase knowing it is well-supported in the community.

More details on the Whangarei District Council page here.