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Posted: 22/07/15

Links to recent media reports on the Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre.

Art Centre will draw cruise ship tourists, Stuff NZ (17/6/15)

Conciliatory mood among councillors in wake of Hundertwasser decision, Stuff NZ (15/6/15)

Council to plan HWMAC, Northern Advocate (15/6/15)

Surprise delights Austrians, Northern Advocate (12/6/15)

YES to art centre!, Whangarei Leader Online Edition (9/6/13)

Hundertwasser support up in final count, Radio NZ (8/6/15)

The people have spoken on HWMAC, Northern Advocate (6/6/15)

Green light for Hundertwasser art center in New Zealand, Salzburg News (in German) (5/6/15)

Green light for Hundertwasser centre in New Zealand, (in German) (5/6/15)

Hundertwasser wins the day, New Zealand Listener (5/6/15)

Whangarei backs Hundertwasser art centre, TV3 News (5/6/15)

Whangarei votes for Hundertwasser plan, Waatea News (5/6/2015)

Hundertwasser art centre romps home, Stuff NZ (5/6/15)

Whangarei say ‘yes’ to Hundertwasser, Radio NZ (5/6/2015)

Hundertwasser Art Centre wins referendum, NewsTalkZB (5/6/15)

Hundertwasser referendum decision ‘a shot in the arm’, Voxy NZ (5/6/15)

Landslide victory for Hundertwasser Arts Centre, Northern Advocate (5/6/15)

Hundertwasser’s Last Unbuilt Work Could Become a Reality in New Zealand, ArchDaily (3/6/15)

Seize the day and vote: CEO Northland District Health Board, Northern Advocate (2/6/2015)

How Hundertwasser will grow Whangarei’s tech sector, Mashmatix Blog (1/6/2015)

Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre in Whangarei, Te Kaea Maori TV (27/5/15) – starts at 8.10

Hundertwasser art centre divides the north, Campbell Live TV3 (27/5/15)

Dispute in Hundertwasser referendum, Radio NZ news report (25/5/15)

Voting underway in Hundertwasser referendum, Radio NZ / Lois Williams audio report, (25/5/15)

Late Hundertwasser Backing Frustrating, Whangarei Leader, (25/5/15)

International ad man backs Whangarei art centre, Radio New Zealand report (19/5/15)

Big backing for Hundertwasser, Northern Advocate (21/5/15)

Call for Maori art centre in Whangarei, Radio New Zealand (18/5/15)

Referendum opens on Hundertwasser gallery, Waatea News (18/5/15)

Sir Michael says YES!, media release (14/5/15)

Artivism goes viral on Whangarei media release (6/5/15)

Original Town Basin designer backs Hundertwasser proposal, Whangarei Leader (5/5/15)

HAC comments ‘out of context’, Northern Advocate (25/4/15)

Battle Lines, NZ Listener magazine (19/3/15)

Geri-rebels’ H-bomb bollards, Northern Advocate (16/12/14)

Bollards too eye-catching for Whangarei, NZ Herald Sideswipe (16/12/14)

Charities pull cash for Hundertwasser, Radio NZ (28/11/14)

Referendum on Hundertwasser centre, Radio NZ (13/11/14)

Whangarei kills reason to visit, Dominion Post/ (30/6/14)