Te Kakano

Posted: 23/01/16

The Hundertwasser Art Centre Project needs bricks - 2000 of them - to build Te Kakano formerly known as the Folly, and we are asking Whangarei residents for help.

Te Kakano, designed by local architects Grant Harris and Ian Butt from HB Architecture, will be built to let trades people work with the materials and methods which will be used in the main building.

Located at the Town Basin, close to the future Art Centre, Te Kakano will be a special treasure for the city all on its own. Te Kakano, which means The Seed, incorporates bricks, plaster, tiles, glass and wood in a koru pattern on a 60 square metre footprint.

The building needs an estimated 2000 Kamo bricks (or similar) to complete and the project is now asking for donations from the public. PNT trustee Greg Guy, who will oversee the project, says “Kamo brick were locally produced material and used in the construction of the Northland Harbour Board building. As the bricks are still in the current building, we are turning to the wider community to get the bricks needed for Te Kakano. We can use bricks with some mortar or chipping. They don’t have to be perfect.”

Anybody interested in donating bricks can drop them off at the Guyco yard on Rewarewa Road (close to the traffic lights) during work hours.