Foundations laid for art centre build

Posted: 08/01/16

“Exciting and crazy-busy!” is how project director Andrew Garratt describes the status of the Hundertwasser Art Centre project.

A Project Control Group is managing the fundraising and building phases. “The real work is being done by our specialist teams. Fundraising and marketing are busiest right now, but there’s plenty going on in finance, operations and construction planning.”

The project remains community-led and run by volunteers. “The calibre of people the project attracts amazes us” says Andrew. “Everyone gives time and expertise at levels that suit them.”

More help is always needed. “It’s an enormous project. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute.”

Discussions are underway with governmental funding bodies and a community fundraising campaign well underway.

“Our $16.25 million target must be reached before June 2017 for the Hundertwasser Art Centre to go ahead” says fundraising team leader Helen Whittaker.

“With well over a third already secured, we’ve got 18 months to raise the rest. We can definitely do it, but we need the help of the community.”