Whangarei Professional Makes Long Term Commitment To Hundertwasser Project

Posted: 23/01/16

WRMK Senior Lawyer Rosie Allen believes in the Hundertwasser Art Centre project so much that she is making a multi-year commitment to the project.

A long-time fan of the project, Rosie thinks the project will bring something new to Whangarei, both as a landmark and an attraction.

“I like things a little bit different so the nature of the building and the design really appeals to me instead of some boring old concrete block,” says Rosie. “The Hundertwasser will add something new to this city. A vibrancy and positivity that I feel is lacking. My view is that this project can bring some life back into this town.”

While Rosie wants to make a sizeable contribution she says she was looking for an affordable way to do it, which she was able to do through the Hundertwasser Art Centre dripfeed plan. “$10 a fortnight comes out of my bank account and I don’t even notice it. I can’t afford to pay out a big lump sum in one go, but the fact this is a minimal amount a week is great.”

The donation process has been so smooth that Rosie admits to becoming something of an unofficial ambassador for it, introducing the program to friends and family, several of whom have also signed up.