Sir Stephen Tindall Steps Up, helping us over the $11 million mark!

Posted: 15/07/16

Another leading NZ businessperson has come forward to pledge a valuable contribution to The Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery project.

This week, Warehouse founder, Sir Stephen Tindall and wife Lady Margaret personally pledged a generous contribution to the HAC project.

This news comes hot on the heels of Sir Michael Hill’s contribution.

When making his pledge, Sir Stephen said “We believe this project will not only inspire those kiwis and overseas tourists who visit the HAC but will also help kick start substantial economic value to Whangarei and the Far North.”

In response, Project Director Andrew Garratt said, “It is very encouraging that our strategy to reach out at a national level is now coming to fruition.  Philanthropists around the country are now starting to step up and make valuable contributions.  The Wairau Maori Art Gallery is a major component of the project and has been a key catalyst to this national engagement.”

“The Wairau Maori Art Gallery is seen by many as extremely important to the future of indigenous art in NZ and an exciting new concept in that this Gallery will be the world’s first and only place dedicated to Contemporary Maori Art,” Mr Garratt added.

“This aspect of the project along with the unique Hundertwasser art and architecture make it a doubly strong case for success” he said.