5 Simple Ways To Give

Posted: 20/10/15

The Hundertwasser Art Centre can only be built
 with the financial support of our community. Here are 5 simple ways you can help.

1. Pledging to make it happen

Tell us what you’d like to pledge and we’ll help work out a payment plan that suits your budget.
Donations can be made in installments over the next 0-4 years, drip-fed weekly, or made in one lump sum when building commences.

All payments are held in Trust until the project officially starts. Your total pledged contribution will be counted into our fundraising tally straight away.

Simply visit Hundertwasser HQ (James Street) to complete a Pledge Form or download a form from this page.

Your income tax credit is available after donations are transferred.

2. A quick cash or cheque donation

Simply pop your contribution into a Donation Envelope and drop into Hundertwasser HQ (James Street), the Whangarei Art Museum or The Bach (both in the Town Basin) Donation Boxes.
Donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged on Hundertwasser HQ’s ‘Tree of Life’ painting, which will remain on permanent display.

Tick the Tax Receipt Please box if wish to claim your income tax credit.

3. GiveALittle online

Use NZ’s best-known online giving facility to gift your donation directly to the project. Simply visit our GiveALittle page here.

An income tax credit is not available on this option.

4. $5000+ donations and pledges

We have Bronze ($5,000), Silver , ($10,000), Gold ($20,000) and Platinum ($50,000+) Tiers for substantial donors. These donations will be acknowledged permanently in the Hundertwasser Art Centre foyer.

If you would like to give at this level, please contact us on give@yeswhangarei.co.nz so we can speak to you in person about your contribution.

Donations are tax deductible for business, or individuals receive an income tax credit.

5. Your very own HAC fundraising project!

If your family, business, organisation or club would like to organise your very HAC fundraising project, we can supply printed material and give you all the support you need. Contact Jenny on jenny@yeswhangarei.co.nz or stop in at Hundertwasser HQ for a chat.

For more information about donating or pledging,
visit Hundertwasser HQ (James Street) or contact us here