PNT pledges to push on with plans for Hundertwasser centre

Posted: 14/11/14

Prosper Northland Trust members were initially “gob-smacked” at the decision of Whangarei District Council to reject the Hundertwasser & Wairau Maori Art Centre proposal put forward by Prosper Northland Trust with significant funding already in place, in favour of a referendum.

However the volunteer trust members have met and say that in the face of the overwhelming public support they have received since the decision was made they are coming back stronger than ever. “We are just so determined to get this amazing opportunity for the benefit of everyone in Whangarei,” says Andrew Garratt of PNT.

“It’s such a positive thing to be involved with,” says Garratt. “So often campaigns are against something. I love the fact that we are encouraging people to stand up for something instead.”

“Prosper Northland Trust members are all volunteers, none of us stands to gain financially from HWMAC – we just want the very best for Whangarei, because it’s a great place that deserves to thrive and grow. HWMAC is exactly what we all need to bring in a whole new level of development and opportunity.”

Trustees have pledged to keep working hard to ensure that the referendum in March 2015 reflects the huge level of positive support that they have received from the community. “We’re really encouraged that supporters come from all walks of life, all ages and interests,” says Barry Trass, trustee, “it’s just amazing that people on the street really understand the benefits that HWMAC will bring to Whangarei. And so disappointing that many of our councillors don’t.”