Donor recognition

All donations no matter how small are gratefully received. However, for our larger donors we have developed 4 donor recognition schemes to permanently acknowledge the people who have made the HAC a reality.

Our database is able to add up donations made in the same name so we can tell you when you are approaching the next level of acknowledgement.

Our Tree of Life

Cash now donations of $100 or more are acknowledged, by your request, on this lovely painting by Bridgett Oakley Stevens.  Have your name written in gold on our tree which will be placed on permanent public display once the HAC is built.

Bridget Oakley Stevens - Tree Of Life

Yes! Tiles

We are acknowledging donations of $500 and $1000 with two sizes of hand inscribed terracotta tiles. These are locally made by the Firebirds and each is handmade and unique. You can see the first batch of them in the paving of Te Kakano.

Whilst the major part of the funding is in and we can now begin building, we still need your help.  We intend to start making more tiles  soon to go into the pavement surrounding the HAC. At this stage, we intend to start making more to acknowledge those who have given at this level. These will be placed into the pathways and courtyards surrounding the main building. At this stage, all you have to do is give and we will contact you later with more Yes!Tile information.

Premier Donor Scheme

Inside the foyer of the HAC, we will be creating a mosaic Tree of Honour with different coloured leaves to recognise our major donors.

Bronze Leaf – $5,000
Silver Leaf – $10,000
Gold Leaf – $20,000
Platinum Leaf – $50,000

tree of honor

Naming Rights

Naming rights are still available for several areas of the HAC like the Learning Centre and the Tower. For more information, please email