Lump Sum Pledging

For donations less than $5,000 (see Premier Donors for donations above $5,000) you have the option of pledging either to deposit into our Trust account now or to pay later when the project gets the go ahead. The advantage of this option is that your donation is refundable if the project does not proceed. You can also choose to donate in instalments.

Simply download this form and fill out the third option.  

Completed forms with your original signature and your cheque or internet payment details, can be dropped off at either Hundertwasser HQ, Whangarei Art Museum or The Bach (in the Town Basin) where there are donation boxes. You can also post or scan to email. See the box at the bottom of the donation/pledge form for details.

If you prefer, you can contact Helen Whittaker on 0274714420 or email her at to discuss your donation options and your next step.

Donations are held in Trust until the project proceeds.

Tax credits are available when your funds are transferred.