Marketing & Communications Team

MarComms is responsible for identifying, producing and distributing information about the project and ensuring the community, funders and partners are always informed and involved.

We need enthusiastic volunteers with a wide range of advertising, marketing, design and public relations skills. We’re interested in hearing from individuals and/or businesses with relevant expertise who’d like to become part of the art centre project.

We’re entirely flexible about the amount of time – or the value of services – you’re able to give. Our aim is to build a multi-skilled team with enough personnel to ensure no-one is overloaded.

Right now we’re keen to talk individuals or organisations in these broad areas:

  • PR / media relations specialists
  • Social media content managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Production manager (print, digital media)
  • Market researchers
  • Event co-ordinators
  • App developers
  • Communications strategy specialists

If nothing listed above suits your skills, but you’ve sgot awesome marketing, advertising, design, media, online or creative chops and you just want to help, simply get in contact and tell us what you’d like to be doing.

While all our positions are on a purely voluntary or pro bono basis, we will have budget available for production hard costs and reimbursement of expenses incurred.